What we do

At DW consulting we offer a range of services from Utilities and Environmental Management to Environmental / Sustainability Strategies.

Project Management

From conception to completion within an array of disciplines from water and effluent treatment.

IPPC / EPR applications and management

Whether you have an existing IPPC / EPR permit or are applying for a new one or a variation to an existing one we can manage that process for you.

Climate Change Levy Agreements

Have you checked your existing Climate Change Levy Discount entitlement? Or reviewed your current agreement?

DSU and DS3

Have you a generator asset that you aren’t getting the best value for? This is something we can help you with.

Energy Procurement

We can help you with the tendering and ongoing management of your energy needs, whether it be Fixed or Flexible, Renewable to Brown. We can also help with your Natural Gas contracts and fuel purchasing strategies.

Planning Applications

If you need assistance in the preparation of the technical requirements of a planning application we can help you with this process along with your design team.

Packaging Waste Applications

If you need help with the preparation of this information, we can help.

Mentoring and Training

Does your business want to improve its knowledge on Environmental Business and Sustainability, we can work with you to mentor and train your staff on Environmental Sustainability.

Waste Contract Tendering and Management

Managing the specifications, tendering and management of all types of waste management contracts from recyclables, Energy from Waste to Organics Materials.

Utilities Contract Management

Water and Effluent costs and usage.

Business improvement and cost reduction projects

If you want to look at the current Environmental costs to your business with a fresh set of eyes then this is something we can help you with to improve the efficiency of your business.

Environmental strategy

Does your business need a Corporate Sustainability Strategy, this is something that we can work with you on to get the results you want.